What is Health to You?

For several years I focused on the “wrong side of health.” The side of health, diet culture wants you to believe. The side of health that is punishment and restriction. The side of health that caused fear around foods. The side of health that caused me to have such a poor body image and critiqueContinue reading “What is Health to You?”

Body Positivity Resources

With the current world we live in, i.e social media… we can pick up our phone and immediately feel bad for something. Our bodies, our food choices, our hair, etc. It is almost maddening. Below are a few great resources found by my intern to find body positivity. Remember, you don’t have to like yourContinue reading “Body Positivity Resources”

Basics of Intuitive Eating

If you have followed Elizabeth Beil Nutrition for a while, you’ve probably seen the words “intuitive eating”. This blog post will tell you what intuitive eating is and isn’t as well as break down the 10 principles of intuitive eating into a simple and applicable way so you can start your journey to a betterContinue reading “Basics of Intuitive Eating”

Eating Disorders: You Can’t Always Blame Diet Culture

So I usually go straight from diet culture –> disordered eating –> eating disorders. But this is not always the case. I tend to beat up diet culture. I think I do this as this is how my eating disorder was started. Let’s take it back to 2008: I was reading health magazines that wereContinue reading “Eating Disorders: You Can’t Always Blame Diet Culture”

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

This week I have been bringing awareness to eating disorders. It needs so much awareness especially in this world we are living in with the consent #dietculture chat. You know my feelings on diet culture –> disordered eating –> eating disorder. With bringing awareness to eating disorders I want to go through a few differentContinue reading “National Eating Disorder Awareness Week”