What is Health to You?

For several years I focused on the “wrong side of health.” The side of health, diet culture wants you to believe. The side of health that is punishment and restriction. The side of health that caused fear around foods. The side of health that caused me to have such a poor body image and critiqueContinue reading “What is Health to You?”

The Small Wins are the Big Wins

When going through treatment for an eating disorder or if you are trying to break-up with diet culture or get back to life prior to disordered eating… the small wins are the big wins. What does that mean? Let me show you an example. You have been a chronic calorie counter for several years. YouContinue reading “The Small Wins are the Big Wins”

Freedom to Snack

Written by: Brianna Hanson RD2B Snacks serve a purpose. They are nourishing, satisfying and provide energy for our bodies to be sustained throughout the day. Often times, when beginning a journey towards better health, one will focus on eating three good meals throughout the day but fail to recognize the importance of snacks. Snacks areContinue reading “Freedom to Snack”

Eating Disorders: You Can’t Always Blame Diet Culture

So I usually go straight from diet culture –> disordered eating –> eating disorders. But this is not always the case. I tend to beat up diet culture. I think I do this as this is how my eating disorder was started. Let’s take it back to 2008: I was reading health magazines that wereContinue reading “Eating Disorders: You Can’t Always Blame Diet Culture”

Gaining Food Freedom by using Intuitive Eating

*This post is written by my intern! Check out her Instagram and her other post about HAES 101. Chronic dieters have a habit of trying to eat perfectly for every meal, every day.Every day is a new day to accomplish their goals. They wake up feeling motivatedand have high hopes for a day of cleanContinue reading “Gaining Food Freedom by using Intuitive Eating”