Stop Micromanaging Your Diet

Diet culture tells us that we need to count all the calories (oh and don’t forget those carbs, protein and fat), we need to make sure we are tracking our steps (no less than 10,000 per day), making sure we are drinking our weight in water, tracking all workouts, etc.

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This is micromanaging. Definition: control every part, however small, of (an enterprise or activity).

This control over our diet is not healthy, this is not a healthy relationship with food. You may be eating “healthy food”, but every time you track and micromanaging you create a small disconnect with your body and start creating a negative relationship.

Control with eating and food is very common. For many, food might be the thing we feel we can control, especially in the crazy world we live in. And that is okay. But I want to make it very clear, you don’t have to live this way. I know it can be scary to let go of these “safe ways to track and measure.” But each time you stop using these you gain a bit of your live back. Trust me. I have been there.

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So how can you stop the micromanaging? First list out all the ways you think you micromanage. Next go through the list and choose something that you feel you could let go of. Start here and then slowly start to work your way down your list.

For example, maybe you see you are measuring out your breakfast cereal, start by not measuring your cereal. Some individuals might be able to stop this for a full a meal or just a particular item, wherever you are in your journey with healing, it is amazing to let go.

The relief you will feel once you stop the micromanaging is almost overwhelming. You will also start to realize that you have more time, energy and space (in your head). If you are interested in intuitive eating this could be a great time to start to see how this could be beneficial for you and your relationship for food.

If you are interested in more help with stoping the micromanaging of your diet and exercise please reach out!

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