“I am not ready to be an intuitive eater just yet…”

I completely understand.

As one who practices what I teach, I want everyone to discover the world and food freedom of intuitive eating. But what if you are just not there yet? What if you are in a place that you want to keep dieting?

I will never, ever, ever fault you for this. I completely understand. But I do want to share something that helped me start to want to be an intuitive eater.

Diet culture is very cut and dry, is based on rules and it is made to make you feel like a failure if you can’t comply, leading to guilt.

We must consider the consequences of diet culture | Daily Trojan

Intuitive eating is based on letting these “rules” go and approaching your food with how you feel, which can be a very difficult concept. Especially if you are embedded in diet culture. But since my world is all about intuitive eating, let me just float out an idea that could help you approach intuitive eating with more ease.

The Plate Method.

The plate method in the simplest form is 1/2 your plate produce | 1/4 plate protein | 1/4 plate starch. Of course there are many varieties of this (depending on if you are active, pregnant, your gender, etc.) And working with a dietitian can be helpful to help determine your needs.

But what I find with this method is: no restriction – all foods fit, no counting, no measuring – none of the “diet culture ways.” It allows your body to: eat the mac and cheese in a portion that is designed for your body and your needs.

It does not restrict any foods. This concept is taught repetitively in intuitive eating, and you might not be there yet. That is okay. That is why trying this method could be the stepping stone for you.

If you are interested in using the plate method, I offer a pre-recorded class for the plate method which you can check out here!

I know that intuitive eating can ebb and flow in the health and wellness field, I am here to let you know you must be full in in order to really rep the amazing benefits of intuitive eating

If you are struggling with diet culture and would like an in individual approach to your nutrition, please check out www.beilnutrition.com for more information or email me at elizabeth @ beilnutrition .com.

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